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Indian Wedding Ceremonies –What You Need To Know

Indian weddings are known for their colorfulness and grandiosity. They include a whole load of traditions which both meaningful and fun. This article is limited to the traditions of North Indian Hindu wedding ceremonies since Indian weddings last for weeks and thus it is impossible to cover them all. Below are some of the prominent and compulsory wedding rituals followed by North Indians.

The Wedding Attire

If you have seen an Indian bride, then you might understand why the wedding attire needs a paragraph of its own. Brides wear either a sari or a lehenga, which is designed with silver or gold embroidery. The color of the bride’s attire is usually red, since it represents fertility and prosperity. The bride also wears many expensive ornaments and accessories. In some states, this includes a veil as well.

Pre-wedding Ceremonies 

Haldi is a holy bath in which married women apply turmeric (Haldi), water and oil on both the bride and the groom. During the Mehendi ceremony, the bride’s legs hands and feet are covered with beautiful henna designs. It is believed that the deeper the color of the henna the stronger the groom’s love is. The ‘Sageet’ is a function of entertainment in which the bride’s side dances for wedding ceremony music. The main purpose of this tradition is for the member of both families to be familiar with each other.

The Wedding Ceremony

It is usually held at the bride’s home, a temple or in a wedding hall. The groom is usually arrives at the venue one back of a horse or elephant. The bride and groom exchange garlands. It is said that whoever puts the garland first will have more control over their partner in their marriage life. These are followed by various religious customs and rituals performed to wedding ceremony music performed by traditional Indian music instruments. After what it feels like a century, the groom ties the mangalasurtam, which officially makes them a married couple.

Post-Wedding Ceremonies

No. It ain’t over yet! The bride is sometimes carried in a doli (palanquin) to the groom’s house. Before entering her new home, the couple is greeted with Aarthi to cast out all evil eyes and spirits. Then the bride topples a pot of rice (kalash) with her right leg. This is done to bring hope and positivity to the house along with the bride.

Though following and completing all these rituals and customs may sound extremely tiresome and maybe boring, these traditions are actually filled with color, vibrancy and fun.

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Locating The Right Recording Studio

It is very tricky and time consuming task to choosing the best and most established studio for recording your project. You may end up paying a fortune if you have chosen the wrong studio. There are a lot of studios running out there that can make your decision making process a bit confusing. Well, if you follow some simple pointers, choosing the right studio can be damn easier!
How much experienced the engineer is?
Yes, this is the most important and vital point you should consider when choosing a recording studio. Experience and style of the engineer will contribute to the results and the amount of cost you pay. Engineers differ in the way of working and personality, so it is important that you choose someone who will put you at ease while working with.
A good and reliable engineer should know how to work the equipment and generate a good sound. Ensure that he is one you can get along with and feel comfortable with. Experienced engineers know what kind of sound you want and what will best suit your project. Ask references for engineers with other musicians.
How much spacious the studio is?
Sound recording seems to be creative or a stressful task, depending on the space and ambiance the studio has. You will want to choose recording studios in Sydney that offers a comfortable space for all the members so as to avoid being down with one another’s throats every time.
Physical space may impact the sound, so hear the samples of recordings from the studio and check if there is enough room for flexibility in the facility.
How much advanced the equipment are?
A good and established engineer should work with any equipment, but they seem like more creative with quality and advanced gear. This is true with pre-amps and microphones. Reputed studios will publish information about their equipment on the website. Hence, you can Google search the microphones and other equipment that other people considered and whether they suit your needs.
How much you need to pay?
This could be the most important determining element. Check out how much you can afford for recording a project. It is good to source some extra money from your friends and family for a better quality recording. If you are ready to spend more, you are more likely to receive better recording results.
How far will the recording take to complete?
You should have a clear idea of the amount of things that you will complete within the allocated time. Talk with the sound engineer and see what they think about completing recording within the allocated time. It is wise to get a few tracks recorded well so that you can avoid being embarrassed for the substandard quality work.

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Advantages Of Getting Your TV Repaired At A Samsung Service Centre

Samsung is a giant Korean electronics company making high quality televisions, laptops, mobile phones, and many other household electronics appliances. Televisions made by the company are very popular among homeowners across Australia. These televisions are made using the latest technology and bring high quality entertainment to the buyers for a very long time. However, when your Samsun TV develops a snag, it becomes difficult for you to get it repaired by your local trusted TV repair mechanic. This is where Samsung service centre comes into picture.

It is the policy of Samsung Electronics to give the responsibility of repair and maintenance of televisions manufactured by the company to select companies dealing with repair of electronics in important cities across Australia. These dealers run official Samsung service centers that are equipped with all the authentic parts of Samsung televisions. They also have on board highly trained mechanics that have the capability to rectify all problems arising in Samsung televisions.

Local TV repair mechanic does not have the knowhow and the spares

You cannot rely solely upon the expertise and experience of your local TV restoration mechanic to rectify the problem in your Samsung television. This is because parts of Samsung televisions are not available in the market and your mechanic cannot repair the TV for a lasting solution by making us of spares made by other companies. He may also not be aware of the latest technology used by Samsung in its televisions. This is why it makes sense to locate the nearest Samsung service centre in your area and contact them to have a long lasting solution to the problem in your television.

Technology used in Samsung televisions is known to experts at Samsung service centre

Samsung televisions are made using the state of the art technology and they do not come cheap. You cannot trust a local TV mechanic to have the knowhow to attend to a problem that may have arisen in your TV set. On the other hand, an authorized Samsung service centre not only makes use of genuine Samsung spares but also gets your Samsung televisions attended by trained mechanics authorized by the company. This is not all as you get warranty on all repairs carried out at a Samsung repair service. This means that if (and it is highly unlikely) your television set develops the same problem again in a specified time period in future, you can rest assured that your television set will be repaired free of cost by the professionals at the service centre.

Why take the risk of handing over your expensive TV set in the hands of a mechanic who does not have the knowhow as well as the spares when you have the advantage of an authorized service centre. You know that your television set is in the hands of trusted professionals who will repair it to your best satisfaction.

Yes, the fee charged by a Samsung service centre is a little higher than your local TV repair mechanic. But it is better to pay a little more and get high quality service and peace of mind rather than saving a few bucks only to repent later.

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Choosing The Best One Out Of The Many Bands For Hire


Grandmother’s birthday, graduation ceremony, corporate event, wedding and many other events -hiring a band to perform at these parties is a common practice of event organizers as live performance at most of the cases is much more enjoyable than music that is simply being played back automatically. There is something highly enjoyable about having a live performance at your event – it creates a great mood among the people that have gathered together to have some good time. Live band could be one of the most important factors if you have a specific style or mood you want your event to have therefore you need to be careful when choosing among all the offers out there.

The genre

The first and probably the foremost thing to consider when choosing from the available bands for hire in Melbourne is the genre they represent. If you want people to dance and have a really good time at the party, check for some guys that play rock’n’ roll and rockabilly music as it is a true mood booster and only few people are able to sit still when musicians hit something from Elvis or Chuck Berry.Active folk music sometimes serves this purpose just as good. You might want to also consider hiring a band that plays well known cover songs as it is always a good way of making the audience get up on their feet and sing along to some of their most favorite pieces. Country music and ballads are more appropriate for events where there are many couples who want to dance some slow waltz and enjoy their meals and drinks. It is more suitable for events with elderly people. Slow pop music is great for graduation ceremonies as the event needs to create a bit sentimental mood in the audience.

The performance

Once you have understood the type of genre you would like the band to play, it is time to checkout the way each band performs. Some bands make a really good contact with the audience and even involves it in their performances, some just enjoy playing together. Depending on the type of event, search for online videos of the band you are considering to hire and see the way they act during the performance. If you are about to throw a really fun party, look for bands that like talking to the audience. If you are planning a more serious and more down-to-earth event, check for some jazz musicians or other bands that simply do their job and play background music without interrupting the event itself. For entertainment services for your next event, check this out

To conclude..

There are many bands for hire out there waiting for you to contact them in case you want them to boost your event. Some are more professional than the others, some have been around in the market more than the others. Nevertheless, there are only two main things to bear in mind when choosing a proper band to play at your event – their genre and their attitude. You can even choose a new, unknown band of teenagers as long as you feel that their music and performance is exactly what you are looking for.