Make The Most Of Your Nights In Hong Kong

Forget about the busy executives that you meet in boardrooms all day. Forget about the well knotted employees running up and down trying to make Asia work right from 22 storey sky scrapers. Forget about their very serious faces as they make presentations to investors. Wait until you happen to meet them at night. Then you will know that Hong Kong is not just worked; it is also play and they do know what playing means.

Night life in Hong Kong sis something you have to see to believe. This supposedly purely administrative city is also the place where you can find the most fun at night. And when we talk of fun, we don’t mean it as a joke. If you need to have real fun, do not hesitate to go get a taste of Hong Kong. Night life is visibly bubbly and can be noisy too.

Wan Chai

In Hong Kong, a night out could be anything from relaxing with friends at a quiet lounge or being pounded with loud music at some noisy night club. A popular place for those who love to go out at night is the Wan Chan with its many bars and restaurants. Central may have overtaken this area as the happening place at night but it still visited by many at night. While other areas are looking to close for the night that is when live starts at Wan Chai

Symphony of lights

Ah! This is one you will not forget so soon. When in Hong Kong take time to visit the symphony of lights and watch as lights dance o music. This lightshow that is considered to be the largest by the Guinness Book of Records combine lights and music on 45 buildings that span the Island and Kowloon area.

Temple street night market

Whoever said shopping only had to take place at night? That person was very wrong. In Hong Kong we do nights and you will be surprised at how busy the night market is. When you wan cheap goods and fake designers, then just go to Temple street market you will get them.

Causeway Bay

If you are looking to spend a quiet evening with friend at a rooftop bar, then causeway bay is where you should be heading to as the night falls. While you should not expect to find any of the late night clubs that you are most likely to find in central, there are still interesting local bars in the area.As you can see, Hong Kong is not only about Asian financial markets and all that business and administrative stuff. You can also find a lot to do after office hours. Do not hesitate to go explore all of what this beautiful city has to offer.